Oh, the Possibilities… of Publishing?!

Hello everybody!

As you know, I’ll be conducting a research project in Panamá after my internship-related trip to Costa Rica. I’m working with a faculty mentor, a professor at the University of Arizona, to complete a groundwork project to submit to the University as an Honors First Year Project. (The HFYP is an opportunity for first year students in the Honors College at the U of A to get involved in research right off the bat with top faculty members as their mentors.)

The HFYP showcase is in April, where I’ll be presenting my project. Obviously, April will come before my trip to Panamá, so this piece of research I’m working on this semester will be a stand alone venture into the impacts of long and short term tourism and travel to small communities in Latin America. Then, I’ll conduct field work for a case study this summer, in Panamá.

The details of the research project will be worked out next Monday when I meet with my mentor for our first ‘action meeting.’ Ahhhhghg! The excitement! It’s going to be amazing to get to work with such an intelligent professor who has so much to say about the world (she was my Global Studies: Dimensions of Globalization teacher last semester, and taught me my new favorite word: disembedding. I seriously use it on a weekly––if not daily––basis). I just know we’ll both have a blast working together and I hope we’ll come out of it much more knowledgable about how the flows of the world affect small communities.

Something else I’m looking into is the possibility of publishing my findings in an academic paper submitted to a journal for undergraduates, or presenting at a conference, after my case study in Panamá. (Another possibility for the continuation of this research is my proposed year of academic study abroad in Chile next fall! Filling out the applications for funding now.)

Luckily, my mentor has a lot of information and advice about how to go about compiling research into a publishable paper. And of course, I’m attending a large research-focused institution to pursue my higher education––there are tons of opportunities for exposure, sharing, and funding available, even for undergrads. :D Looks like I made a good choice for college!

As always, thanks for reading.

¡Hasta pronto, Panamá!