9 January 2017

This post is dedicated to Gabe, without whom I would have lost interest in blogging. My friend Chris really wants to meet you, Gabe. Your reputation precedes you!

Hey hey folks!

I’ve been keeping a daily blog on Minerva elsewhere on the internet, primarily for other Minerva students, and it’s been going so well I figured I should start sharing out to the rest of the community a few times a week. I try to write down funny things that have happened, lessons learned, or just reflections on the experience so far. I also usually include some music I’ve been listening to at the top of the page––hit the play button and let it wash you into my life. :)

Today was my first day back at school, after a unfortunately short break (3 weeks!) I spent in Tucson celebrating holidays and my 20th birthday, and hanging out with friends and family. Despite the new teachers and classmates, the transition was so smooth that it almost feels like I never left. I just have some more energy to spend on readings.

Sometimes I wonder if I have the adult version of the struggle with object permanence that toddlers have––when I leave something, it generally disappears from my memory. I wonder if that it’s a sort of defense mechanism from my many many years of switching cities and schools. Loss is easier to deal with if you don’t remember what you’ve lost. When I went home, Minerva and San Francisco felt like they stopped existing. Now that I’m here, Tucson seems to have disappeared. Like weather, actually–I can never remember what hot weather feels like when I haven’t experienced it in the last day, and visa versa.

(Unfortunately, this unintentional deletion of old memories and people leads to embarrassing moments at hometown parties when I introduce myself to somebody I went to 5th grade with. At those times, I try to downplay Minerva in general. The last thing I’d ever like somebody to think that I somehow think I’ve moved on to ‘bigger and better things’ and have forgotten them. I have forgotten some people, but I swear it’s not because I think I’m better than you. Just remind me of your name and the memories will start to come back.)

It’s 5 o’clock, but I’ve already finished all my readings for tomorrow. Isn’t that spectacular? :P I’m going to get started on Wednesdays now, and once I finish, continue watching The Borgias. One of my goals for this semester is to watch Netflix, actually! I’m calling it my Arts and Culture goal––I’m going to spend time each day taking in works of art: books, movies, TV shows, art… to refine my taste (and relax). After The Borgias, I’ve got several more books on my Kindle just waiting for me…

And with that, then, off to do readings! :D

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