12 January 2017

Today was a Minerva Friday, alright! (No classes on Friday means Thursdays like today feel like the beginning of our weekend.)

I’ve begun a new habit of turning off technology after classes end for the day and spending at least half an hour slowly eating lunch upstairs with other people. The intention, of course, is to eat for pleasure instead of just to sustain myself. And the break has been good for my mental health; most days begin with me rolling out of bed to review readings, taking class, reviewing more readings, taking more class––a break is far overdue by 12:30.

Today I went up about 1pm to eat, right as the Little Green Shoes began their regularly scheduled poetry reading circle. I just went up to listen and support, but ended up reading two poems I had forgotten about on my phone, Desiderata and The Cremation of Sam McGee. It was surprisingly fun––I’d forgotten my love of performance. Maybe 10 people attended, a good turn out for our small cohort: 6.3% of the student body. Okay, math challenge for those who haven’t yet forgotten what they learned in middle school: how many people would have needed to attend from the student body (45,000 people) at University of Arizona to get 6.3% turn out?

That morphed into a big game of Settlers of Catan (thanks for the suggestion, Connor!)…

Uh oh. I had to google this to make sure I was spelling Catan right… and it turns out… YOU CAN PLAY ONLINE.

Wellllllllll there goes all the rest of my free time.

I’ll finish the post before I go though.

A small group of us then went to Yves Klein’s Monotone-Silence Symphony: 20 minutes of a single note, followed immediately by 20 minutes of silence, in Grace Cathedral. It was quite a good time. The note inspired an oil painting in my mind of colors interweaving, while the silence was heavy and restless and made me thankful for having friends around me.

Stefan and Chris and I then spent several hours getting food at an excellent Korean-Mexican fusion joint, talking about the symphony, our plans for life, childhoods, even––dare I say––gossiping a bit about relationships. All very fun.

And now I’m home, wondering if I should go to sleep or watch Sherlock, or D-Day, a new Korean drama I just started…

It’ll be good, whatever I choose to do.

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