Meet me, Phoebe!


My name is Phoebe. I’m a 19 year old student and global citizen about to start my first year at Minerva Schools, transferring from the University of Arizona. More on Minerva here!

Interests include exploring intercultural communication techniques, tourism, sumo bot dance routines, and multi-media greeting cards.

Chronological guide to PHOEBE AWAY…

This blog is a place for me to share my adventures and thoughts about the world!

May 2013: It all begins with The End of May, written by my 16 year old self as I begun my last summer before beginning a year of study abroad in Panama.

September 2013 – July 2014: Exchange year! I lived in Changuinola, Panama with a host family and attended an agricultural trade school. It was all Spanish, while I spoke only English––you can imagine the craziness that ensued.

For the next two years, you’ll find sporadic posts about my senior year of high school and freshman year of university. Things pick up in March 2016, when I finalized plans to travel to Costa Rica with my internship, returned to Panama and Costa Rica, and attempted a social science research project on tourists.

In May 2016, I decided to attend Minerva, an innovative new approach to higher education. What in the world is Minerva Schools? broke my own record for readership #benchmark and I’d encourage you to look at it just to find out more about Minerva, which will probably change the world.

Now, posts are mostly about my adventures exploring San Francisco (Foundation Year of Minerva is held in San Francisco) and life in general!

As always, thanks for reading. I’d love to hear any comments or thoughts you have––you can reach me through the comment box below!



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